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Delivering effective fire suppression before, not after, it’s too late!

In an industry, which is unregulated, The Loss Prevention Certification Board’s (LPCB) LPS-1204 accreditation is the UK’s top accolade for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Servicing of fixed fire suppression systems, bringing peace of mind to those that need to protect critical assets, processes and support mechanisms. With Radiant Construction being bi-annually audited by the Buildings Research Establishment on behalf of the LPCB, all aspects of the project and our service support work are meticulously inspected to ensure they meet the expectations of both the client and the LPCB.

Site conditions vary tremendously which is why we use one of a variety of different solutions such as Inert and chemical gases, CO2, foam, high and low pressure watermist, condensed aerosol and where fires absolutely must not start in the first place; hypoxic systems.

Regardless of whether you are responsible for a data centre, printing press, power network, remote track side cabinets, wind farm, sterilisation units, but to name just a few, Radiant Construction have the expertise to provide a suitable solution and on-going support.